Father's Day

Chocolate tools individual

Solid chocolate tools may not work as well but they taste great. M/D - Milk/Dark Sa=saw, H=hammer, P=Plyers, Sc=screwdriver, 


car set

A box of six pictures of classic cars on delicious milk chocolate. If you prefer dark put a "D" in the text box weight 53g


Three white chocolate golf balls

Handmade from delicious creamy white fair trade chocolate, this trio of golf balls is definatley a hole in one!. Contains Soya Lecithin


Gone Sailing!

A delicous solid milk chocolate sailing boat to help dad's dreams. Add a personal message. If dad prefers dark put a D in the text box height 17cm weight 135g



Dad's tools

These delicious milk chocolate tools may not help to fix things but they sure tase good.There are 4 tools all of which can carry messages! - get creative  height 16cm weight 152g


Message Bar

Hand made message bars made from a hefty amount of chocolate. These bars are available in either milk or dark chocolate which makes these bars the perfect gift for a true chocoholic. Use the custom text box below to add your own personal messageand to specify the type of chocolate you,  'M' for Milk or 'D' for Dark in the custom box. Contains (Dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin


chocolate boat


Milk chocolate motorbike

Speed your own Father's Day greeting to your dad on this handmade, fair trade creamy milk chocolate motorbike! Prefer dark just put "D" in the text box Allergy advice -Soya Lecithin & Milk



Beer bottle

Beer bottle made from either delicious rich dark chocolate or creamy milk chocolate. This bottle says "premier father - brewed in Chesham" but feel free to give us your own words!


Milk chocolate car

Creamy Fairtrade milk chocolate, handmade car, perfect for carrying your special message on Father's Day. For rich dark chocolate put "D" in text box. Contains Dairy and Soya Lecithin


3 different Auberge World Bars

Give your dad the best chocolate - all award winners. A =Arriba, B= Ghana, M= Madagasca/Peru, "E"Equador, "V"= Venezuela/St Domineque, "C" =Colombian 


Football & boot

Dad will really get a kick out of this! Handmade from delicous creamy Fairtrade milk chocolate. If Dad prefers rich dark chocolate put  "D" in the custom box. Why not personalise it to make it extra special for your Dad this Father's Day!  Contains (Dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin



Signature 24 Chocolate Box

A delicious box of mouth watering chocolates most of which have won awards. If you'd like anything in particular - or would prefer all dark or all milk please just send us an e mail - after all it is for your dad & you want to get it just right


Swish chocolate sports car

Give dad a handmade, fair trade chocolate sports car & say thanks for all those lifts Contains Dairy and Soya Lecithin


Gold Award Hamper 2012

To celebrate winning Seven Golds in the Great Taste Awards 2012, we've produced this stylish gift. Elegantly packaged in an Auberge bag, you have two bars of award winning Ecuador 76% chocolate & a box of delicious award winning chocolates. As this is a celebration we've also included a half size chocolate champagne bottle to which you can add your own personal father's day message in the custom message box below!


Chocolate transport trio

This is an amazing gift - not just one delicious handmade, fair trade vehicle but three - a plane, sportscar & motorbike! Add a message. Contains Dairy and Soya Lecithin. If dad prefers dark chocolte put a D in the text box



Extravaganza Voucher FD

Give your dad 3 hours of incredible fun - discovering, tasting & making chocolate at our Academy in Chesham, Bucks! Normal price for this is £59! Voucher is valid for a year


Extravaganza Voucher for Two FD

Make your father's day gift extra special by coming with him! Normal price for this would be £118