Ballet Pumps

Delicious milk ballet pumps with a sparkling gold finish. Addyour own special message Prefer dark chocolate-put a D in the text box below. Ingredients - Milk chocolate( 36.3%), gold powder,Soya Lecithin weight 195g


Stiletto stripe

Delicious creamy milk chocolate shoe. If you prefer dark - D in text box, to change the colour of the stripe put it in the text box. soya lecithin - stabiliser 195g


polka dot stiletto

Delicious creamy milk chocolate shoe. If you prefer dark - D in text box, to change the colour of the dots put it in the text box.  soya lecithin - stabiliser


Britain shoe

This stunning shoe hand crafted from creamy milk chocolate celebrates the best of Great Britain. Prefer rich dark chocolate thats a d in the text box. Contains (dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin 195g



white romantic stiletto (11)

Elegantly detailed with red hearts - perfect for an anniversary, wedding or Valentine's gift!  Prefer milk chocolate-put a M, or dark chocolate put a D in the text box.  (14cm)  Ingredients :- Fairtrade white Chocolate (contains milk), colour, Soya Lecithin weight:-195g


Golden Stiletto (09)

Milk shoe elegantly detailed with a gold finish. Add a message. Prefer all dark chocolate- put a D  in the text box.  (14cm) Ingredients :-Fairtrade milk chocolate36.3%, Fairtrade dark chocolate70%, gold powder,Soya Lecithin weight:- 195g


Classical white stiletto (03)

Pattern also available in pink, blue,or green - specify your choice in the text box. Prefer milk or dark chocolate thats  M or  D in the text box   (14cm) Ingredients :- white chocolate (milk) colour, Soya Lecithin weight:-195g