Teacher Gifts

Chocolate Medals

Go for gold this year with these unique chcocolate medals prefect for awarding a good teacher! Made from fairtrade chocolate, these medals can be either milk or dark chocolate (please put "D" in the custom text box for dark) and can be personalised to say thank you in your own way.  Contains Milk and Soya Lethithin  e35g Diameter estimated at 8cm 


Chocolate Apple

Solid milk chocolate apple decorated in red and written on in white chocolate. A great personalised gift for a favourite teacher! Ingredients: fairtrade milk chocolate (36.3%), white chocolate, soya lecithin. 


chocolate flower in chocolate pot

A delicate handmade 7cm chocolate flower in a mini chocolate pot. Chocloate & flowers - a perfect Mother's Day combination! Contains Dairy and Soya Lecithin       


Tool Set

This delicious chocolate tool set makes a great Teacher's gift  for a teacher who loves DIY! Available in milk or dark chocolate. Please specify 'M' or 'D' in the custom box. Contains (Dairy if Milk Choclate) and Soya Lecithin



Football Bear

This delicious football bear can be hand crafted from either milk or dark fair trade chocolate. The bear is solid!! Please specify 'M' for milk or 'D' for dark in the custom box below. If you would dads favourite football teams colours, please write the team name in the custom box e.g. Chelsea Contains (Dairy if milk chocolate) and Soya Lecithin


Message Bar

A perfect treat for any chocolate lover! Made from fairtrade chocolate, in either milk or dark, (please put "D" in custom text for dark) which can be personalised to say exactly what you need it to, so why not say thank you to your teachers this year with something that would make any chocoholics day. If you would like to make a special request for a certain design please contact Anne at anne@aubergechcolat.co.uk or 07872992995, we are more thank happy to accomidate your perfect gift. e240g Contains Milk and Soya Lethithin 


pair of mini heels

Is your teacher crazy about chocolate and shoes? Deliver her the perfect gift with this pair of mini milk chocolate heels (7cm) with hand decorated detail.. Why not add a personalized message too? Contains Dairy and Soya Lecithin Weight: 74g


Teacher's Instruments

A pair of scissors, ruler, stapler, and even a mini chocolate bus make up this box of delights. Decorated with white chocolate as well as gold and silver dust, this box of solid milk models makes for a very unique teacher gift. Ingredients: fairtrade milk chocolate (36.3%), white chocolate, soya lecithin. 



Thank You Chocs

A box of delicious solid milk and white chocolate flowers decorated with the words "thank you". A perfect class gift for your form teacher! Ingredients: fairtrade milk chocolate (36.3%), white chocolate, soya lecithin. 


Award winning Champane Truffles

Deliciously decident champagne ganache enrobed in rich dark chocolate with just a hint of rose - the Auberge twist on pink champagne


Football and Boot

Say thank you to your coach or PE teacher this year with a specail chocolate gift. Made with fairtrade chocolate, avalible in either milk or dark (please put "D" in the custom text box for dark) can can become the perfect personalised treat this year. Contains Milk and Soya Lethithin  e265g 


elegant dark stiletto (09)

Every mother's dream - rich dark chocolate crafted into a stiletto and finished with a pink chocolate bow (12cm). Add a personal message to show just how much you care! Contains Soya Lecithin Weight: 195g



Floral detailed shoe (10)

Delicious dark shoe elegantly detailed with pretty pink flowers! (12cm) Make this beautiful shoe even more personal by adding your own special message. Contains Soya Lecithin Weight: 195g


suede effect milk shoe

A truly elegant milk chocolate shoe (18cm). Contains Dairy and Soya Lecithin


classic white shoe with pink bow (21)

Stylish white shoe with a pretty pink chocolate bow (12cm) - why not add a message and make it personal! Contains Soya Lecithin Weight: 195g


"Signature 24"

A delicious box of mouth watering chocolates most of which have won awards. If you'd like anything in particular - or would prefer all dark or all milk please just send us an e mail - after all it is for your mum and you want it to be perfect! See Ingredients tab for details. Eat within one month of purchase




Treat your teacher to a handmade fair trade chocolate Porsche. Available in milk or dark chocolate, please specify 'M' or 'D' in the custom box. Personalisation available, please write your message in the box below. Contains (Dairy if Milk Chocolate) and Soya Lecithin


a chocolate pint!

Pint beer glass made from delicious dark Fairtrade chocolate topped with white chocolate. Illustrated with your teacher's favourite tipple! The glass is filled with truffles.


Extravagnza Voucher

Give your teacher three hours of incredible fun - discovering, tasting & making chocolate at our Academy in Chesham, Bucks!