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Welcome to the Chocolat Auberge Club! Now you can experience new and exciting flavours every month with a subscription to the Chocolat Auberge Club. Each month, you will be sent a pack containing 24 chocolates, tasting notes, recipe ideas and more, delivered right to your door. Packs arrive in a box that fits through a standard letter box.

Membership includes:

Box of 24 chocolates every month

Great opportunity to try new and exciting flavours

Tasting notes, recipe ideas and newsletter in every pack

Auberge voucher in every pack

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12 months subscription


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Featured Chocolates

Award winning Champane Truffles

Deliciously decident champagne ganache enrobed in rich dark chocolate with just a hint of rose - the Auberge twist on pink champagne


Chocolate Medals

Go for gold this year with these unique chcocolate medals prefect for awarding a good teacher! Made from fairtrade chocolate, these medals can be either milk or dark chocolate (please put "D" in the custom text box for dark) and can be personalised to say thank you in your own way.  Contains Milk and Soya Lethithin  e35g Diameter estimated at 8cm 


White chocolate

Creamy white chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter & pure Bourbon vanilla.   Ingredients:- Fairtrade white chocolate (milk),soya lecithin Weight: 90g Nutrition.


Dark salty caramel bar

Delicious dark chocolate bar filled with salty caramel Ingredients:-Fairtrade dark chocolate70%, cream,butter, sugar, liquid glucose, salt, soya lecithin Weight: 45g GOLD Great Taste award winner 2016! Nutrition.