Although this day is great fun & totally suitable for people with  no experience it is designed for those who really want to develop their chocolate making skills. While you are with us you will learn all of the important skills of chocolate making. You will temper chocolate, spread & cut chocolate, colour & pipe chocolate. You will discover how to make a perfect ganache - water & cream based & how to use it  for chocolates, desserts...We do all of this in a very fun hands on way.  The aim of the day is for you to make a box of Chocolates - this is not just any box - the box itself is made from chocolate, beautifully decorated with a net style lid. You then make different types of chocolates utilising various techniques. At the end of the day the box is all yours to take home. Along the way you will also learn lots of recipes.


-Auberge du Chocolate Academy


 -10am- 3pm




Dates are arranged to suite you - please just give me a call -07872992995 and we can fix a date (Monday- Friday)








Featured Chocolates

Ballet Pumps

Delicious milk ballet pumps with a sparkling gold finish. Addyour own special message Prefer dark chocolate-put a D in the text box below. Ingredients - Milk chocolate( 36.3%), gold powder,Soya Lecithin weight 195g


Dark Christmas thins

Dark, circular discs of chocolate filled with the flavour of Christmas (150g)   Ingrediants- Dark chocolate (70%), fruits, nuts & Christmas spice (soya)


Christmas message bars

Rectangular- shaped bars featuring a festive message (280g) Tree –C26 Robin –C27 Stocking –C28 Note- price applies per bar Ingrediants- Milk chocolate (soya)


dark Christmas bar

Delicious rich dark Fairtrade chocolate bar full of the tasts of Christmas. Christmas spices such as cinnamon & cloves give the bar a lovely festive taste..Walnuts, orange peel and cranberries are scattered over the bar to give it a scrumptious appearence. The bar is packaged in a red & gold box making it an ideal Christmas gift - remember to buy extra for you to eat!.Great Taste Award Winner Ingredients:-Fairtrade dark chocolate70%, cinnamon, cloves, walnuts, orange peels, cranberries, colour, soy lecithin Weight: 100g